CPO 3003: Comparative Politics

Country Constitution Assignment

In order to assist you in thinking about the different ways in which the system of government, rights and freedoms and divisions of power can be structured as well as the social development of a state, you have been assigned a country (click here) in which you are required to summarize its constitutional features (click here) as well as level of democracy, corruption and economy. The assignment is approximately 750-1,000 word count. Please use headings for each of the sections and write in complete sentence. The constitution assignment is due Monday, 25 March by 11:00am. The assignment is due in Canvas. Please submit within the text box and not as an attachment. Where necessary, please provide a full citation for any references. The assignment is worth 45 points. Here are some past examples (Japan, Iceland and the DRC).


1. Features of the State's Constitution
How often has the constitution been amended?
When was the constitution ratified?
How many articles does the constitution contain?

2. System of Government
Is the country unitary, federal or confederal?
Do certain regions have autonomy and how is it defined?
What powers are shared and divided among governments in the country?

3. Regime Type
Is the country parliamentary, presidential or semi-presidential?
If the country is parliamentary, how is the cabinet formed?
If the country is parliamentary, is there a figure head leader, and if so, what is their role?
If the country is presidential, are there term limits?
If the country is presidential, what types of powers does the president wield?
If the country is semi-presidential, what is the division of power?

4. Legislative Branch
Is the legislature unicameral or bicameral?
If the legislature is bicameral, how are powers divided between the two houses?
Does the constitution discuss a committee system?
How is the speaker of the legislature chosen?

5. Elections and Electoral System
Does the constitution discuss the electoral system, and if so, what is the system?
Are legislative seats provided for specific groups?
How often are elections held for various offices?

6. Rights and Freedoms
Are there any group-based rights?
Which types of groups are protected in the constitution?
Are specific linguistic, religious and ethnic-based rights guaranteed by the country?
Are economic rights guaranteed by the country?

7. Level of Democracy
According to Freedom House, what is the current level of political rights and civil liberties in the country? How is it classfied by Freedom House Free, Partly Free or Not Free)?

8. Corrpution
According to Transparency International, what is the current level of corruption in the country?
According to Transparency International, has your country improved, decliend or stayed the same in its level of corrpution

9. Political Economy
According to the World Bank, what is your country's per capita GDP (PPP)?