CPO 3003: Comparative Politics

Constitution Assignment

For your final exam, you will design a constitution for the hypothetical country of Kerblakistan. Based on the history of the country, you must design a constitution that address the following issues below. To assist you in developing the constitution, you are required to use at least one scholarly source for the assignment (you may use more if you wish). The source cannot be a reading from class. The source can be an article or book and can be used in any section you wish. You can also reference any of the class readings in your analysis. As always, please be sure to cite and reference appropriately using the APSA Style Guide provide in Canvas.

The constitution involves incorporating several institutional issues discussed in the class. The paper should be written in essay format, approximately 2,500-3,500 word count. Please use headings and the questions for each of the sections of your assignment. For each section (e.g., "should there be any group-based rights?"), please write in essay format paragraphs using 12 point font. If you feel that your assignment would benefit from writing it in a style like a constitution, you may, but you will need to use headings and the questions for each of the sections of your assignment.

The constitution assignment is due Friday, 29 April 10:30-11:00. The assignment will be due online via Canvas. The assignment should be cut/paste into the text box not as an attachment. The assignment is worth 85 points.

1. Rights and Freedoms
Should there be any group-based rights?
Which types of groups should be protected in the constitution?
Should specific linguistic, religious and ethnic-based rights be guaranteed by the state?
Should economic rights be guaranteed by the state?

2. System of Government:

Which system is best for the state (unitary, federal or confederal)?
Should certain regions have autonomy and how should it be defined?
What powers are shared and divided among governments in the state?

3. Regime Type
Should the state be parliamentary, presidential or semi-presidential?
If the state is parliamentary, how is the cabinet formed?
If the state is parliamentary, is there a figure head leader, and if so, what is their role?
If the state is presidential, are there term limits?
If the state is presidential, what types of powers does the president wield?
If the state is semi-presidential, what is the division of power?

4. Legislative Branch
Should the legislature bicameral or unicameral?
If the legislature is bicameral, how are powers divided between the two houses?
What is the power relationship with the executive?

5. Elections and Electoral System
Should the constitution discuss the electoral system, and if so, what system should be adopted?
Should legislative seats provided for specific groups?
How often should elections be held for various offices?