(Statistics compiled from the CIA Factbook*)

Population: 7.2 million (July 2020 census)

Population Growth: -.3% annually

Life Expectancy: 61 years old (average female/male)

Ethnic groups: 62% Kerblaks, 30% Molvanians, 7% Slobovians and 1% other. The majority of ethnic Kerblaks occupy Kerblakistan proper with the Molvanians a majority in the region known as Moltara and Slobovians concentrated around the town of Kurkent..

Literacy (age 15 and above): 60%

Capital: Donkut (2.9 million)

Other Major Cities: Cravben (1.2 million) and Slimkent (1 million)

Size: Approximately 33,700 square kilometers

Labor force: Over 35% of the labor force is engaged in agriculture, and 20% of the labor force is involved in the industrial sector

Economics: Agriculture provides 40% of GNP

Political History: Please see here.


*Centre for Information and Analysis Factbook. 2021. Boca Raton: Roper Disinformation Publishers.